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Off the beaten track with an extra eye

Off the beaten track with an extra eye. With a private yacht you can sail wherever you want to go. But as you go searching for that perfect private beach, the challenge is that the remote area is seldom navigated. That's where a forward-looking sonar comes in handy.. Wärtsilä Electrical & A... More

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Marine Systems Korea

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We provide a comprehensive range of products and services, including complete outfitting of ships with all electrical and electronic installations, systems and components. More


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For over 10 years Marine Systems Korea has been an established single-source supplier of a comprehensive range of proven marine products. More


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Staffed by individual specialists who can also assist with remote diagnostics, our Customer Support Centre provides worldwide support on a round-the-clock basis. More

After Sales

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We provide full warranty and after-sales services for our products at all Korean ports. Additional services, such as those for annual recertification of equipment, are also available. More


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Available on request are introductory training courses for our NACOS series of integrated navigation command systems as well as SAM automation products and those of its subsidiary, Lyngsø Marine. More